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Verkehrskundekurs - VKU

The Traffic Instruction Course (VKU) is a theoretical preparation for driving a motor vehicle and supports the training in practical driving lessons. The course at our driving school in Basel is spread over two days.

Course costs:

  • CHF 189.- Weekly day courses
  • CHF 169.- Weekly day courses with Easy-Drive loyalty voucher
  • CHF 209.- Evening courses
  • CHF 189.- Evening courses with Easy-Drive loyalty voucher
  • CHF 229.- Weekend courses
  • CHF 209.- Weekend courses with Easy-Drive loyalty voucher
  • incl. workbook


Course dates and registration

VKU Conditions

Course description


Conditions for this course:

In order to attend traffic education classes, you must have a valid learner's permit Cat. A, A1, or B. If you already have a driver's license of cat. A, A1 or B, you do not have to attend this course.

You must have completed the traffic instruction course before registering for the practical driving test.

Course dates and registration

Course description


Course description:

Course duration:

8 lessons

Course content:

  • Road safety theory, function of the sensory organs, sensomotoric correlations.
  • Partner knowledge, road knowledge, weather conditions, time
  • Vehicle safety, forces while driving, traffic movement theory
  • Driving ability and driving skills, environmental awareness, tactical rules


Course dates and registration



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