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Who receives a probationary driving licence?

All persons born on or after 1 December 1987 and all persons who submit an application for a category A (motorbike) or category B (passenger car) learner's licence for the first time on or after 1 December 2005, regardless of their date of birth, will receive a probationary driving licence. Anyone who holds a category B licence for an unlimited period and wishes to obtain a category A licence will receive a category A licence for an unlimited period. The same applies vice versa.

How long does the probationary period last?

The probationary period lasts 3 years.

When will I receive my permanent driving licence?

The permanent driving licence is only issued after the probationary period has expired and the WAB course has been attended. No further test is required.

How long does further training take?

Further training lasts one day (7 hours) and must be attended within the first 12 months of passing the driving test.

How can I order my definitive pass after the course?

This varies from canton to canton. In the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, the definitive driving licence no longer needs to be ordered. The driving licence is automatically sent by post shortly before the end of the probationary period.

What happens if the WAB course is not completed?

The 2-phase course must always be attended within the first 12 months of passing the driving test. Anyone who does not complete the further training will be fined CHF 300. The course must then be completed in order to obtain the definitive driving license.

What happens if the probationary driving licence is withdrawn?

If the holder of a probationary driving licence commits an offence that results in the licence being withdrawn, a new probationary driving licence will be issued. The new probationary period ends one year after the revoked probationary driving licence expires. If the licence withdrawal ends after the probationary period, a new probationary driving licence will be issued. The probationary period ends one year after the date of issue.
If the holder commits a second offence that leads to the licence being withdrawn, the licence will be cancelled. This also applies if the licence has since been issued for an indefinite period. Cancellation applies to all categories.

When can the driving licence be reapplied for after cancellation?

A new learner's licence will be issued at the earliest after a waiting period of at least one year since the offence was committed and proof of fitness to drive has been provided in the form of a traffic psychologist's report.


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