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Would you like to learn to drive and are still looking for the right driving school? We will guide you to your goal in a goal-oriented and enjoyable way. We will support you with our many years of experience in both the theoretical and practical parts. You can find out everything you need to know on the following pages.

Weg zum Führerausweis Auto - Kategorie B Englisch

Nothelferkurs für den Führerausweis Auto - Kategorie B - Englisch

Computer-Theorie - Englisch

Verkehrskunde - VKU - Englisch

Fahrstunden Auto - Kategorie B - Englisch

Kurs Autobahn und Passfahrt - Englisch

WAB Kurs - 2Phasen-Kurs - Englisch

Preise und Sparangebote - Englisch


Travelling by car

Taking the car to work or driving to work, doing some quick shopping or simply visiting friends, exploring a country on holiday independently of public transport.
Regardless of whether you own your own car, rent one or are travelling in a company car. Driving is omnipresent in our society. We believe that knowing how to drive is part of a general education.

As one of the largest driving schools, we are able to accompany and support you throughout your training.
With us, good training starts with a serious consultation, continues with the emergency helper course and the theory test, for which you can prepare in various ways with our support.
With us, you will experience road safety in harmony with the driving lessons. You then decide which of our driving instructors you want to take your driving lessons with.

If for any personal reason (learning difficulties, insecurities or fear, etc.) you are unable to make a decision, Lisa or Kay will advise you on the choice of driving instructor.
After passing the test, you must attend the 2-phase course. We also offer this course for participants without their own car.

We hope you enjoy your training with us and have a great time. And don't forget: "Good luck with all your exams"!