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Terms and Conditions 2-Phase Training Courses

Übersicht Auto - Kategorie B


A valid category B driver's license is a prerequisite for participating in this course. Participants who do not possess a valid driver's license or driving permit will be rejected on the course day at their own expense.


Registration must be done via the Internet, and the Terms and Conditions must be accepted. The registration is binding. Full course fees will be charged in case of no-show. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Please note: The email may sometimes land in the SPAM folder. If you have not received a confirmation, you can request it on the website (under Contacts). Subsequently, you will receive a written confirmation by mail within 5 days.


Course Option 1: This course takes place with the PARTICIPANT'S OWN car. (However, two people can also attend with one vehicle). The participant is responsible for ensuring the vehicle used is functional on the course day. If the course cannot be attended or completed for this reason, we still have to charge the course fees. Only vehicles that comply with the road traffic regulations are allowed. If this is not the case, the participant will be excluded from the course at their own expense.

Course Option 2: In this course, cars are provided by Easy Drive GmbH. The Easy Drive vehicles are all automatic transmission!


Course Option 1: During the driving exercises (driving experiences), your vehicle is insured with a deductible of CHF 1000.

Course Option 2: During the reference drive and comparison drive, the driving school vehicle is basically insured, with a deductible of CHF 1000. During the driving exercises (driving experiences), the vehicle is insured, with a deductible of CHF 1000. Damages caused by gross negligence and property damage are not covered.

Course Language

The course language is English. Participants who cannot follow the course due to lack of language skills, or cannot achieve the course objective, will be rejected on the course day at their own expense.


Please wear weather-appropriate clothing. You will be spending a long time outdoors.

Course costs

The course fee must be paid on the course day in cash, by card, or via Twint.

Food and drink

Lunch is not included in the course fee, but you have the option to purchase lunch on-site.


If you have an issued Easy-Drive voucher or other discount vouchers, please bring them with you. The vouchers must be presented at the time of payment before the course starts (vouchers are not cumulative).


We request punctuality. Late arrivals significantly disrupt the course flow and cannot be accepted. Those who arrive late cannot participate in the course, and the full course costs will be charged. Only after payment can a new appointment be booked with Easy Drive GmbH.


The registration is binding. In case of prevention, you can cancel or rebook personally at the theory location at Klingentalstr. 90 in Basel (opening hours: Monday to Friday 4 pm - 7 pm and Saturday 1 pm – 4 pm) or via email (website: under Contacts) up to 21 days before the course starts without any consequences. After this period, the following cancellation conditions apply:

  • Cancellations up to 21 days before the course start: free of charge.
  • Cancellations after 21 days before the course start or unexcused absence/late cancellation: 100% of the course costs.

Only after payment can a new appointment be booked with Easy Drive GmbH.

Substitute Participant

If a prevented participant can organize a substitute for the same course, no course costs will be charged.

Illness / Accident

In case of illness or accident-related cancellation, written cancellation by email is mandatory no later than 30 minutes before the course starts. The cancellation will be annulled if a valid written medical certificate is submitted within 5 days after the course start. Medical certificates issued more than 5 days after the course date will not be accepted. In any case, a processing fee of CHF 100 will be charged. If a replacement participant is provided by the customer for the same course day, the processing fee is waived.

  • Illness and accident-related cancellations received after the course start or less than 30 minutes before the course start, despite a medical certificate, will be considered as unexcused absences and thus charged at full course costs.
  • Without a valid and accepted medical certificate, absence is considered as an unexcused absence and will be charged at full cost.

Reminders and Collections

For invoices not paid by the end of the 30-day payment period, the debtor is required to pay reminder fees. The first reminder is CHF 30, and the second reminder is also CHF 30. In case of payment delay, we reserve the right to take legal action to collect the outstanding amount. Thus, additional incurred collection and legal costs will be borne by the debtor.


Collegial and cooperative behavior is expected for a smooth course flow. If the course is hindered by inappropriate and disruptive behavior of a participant, the instructor has the right to exclude the participant from the course after a verbal warning. No claim for a refund of the course fee arises from such exclusion.

Driving Fitness

The participant acknowledges attending the course in a fit to drive condition. This means no alcohol, no narcotics, and no medication that could impair driving ability. For existing medical conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, etc.) as well as pregnancy, a medical certificate with permission to participate in the course must be presented.

Course Cancellation

If there are fewer than six participants, Easy Drive GmbH reserves the right to cancel courses up to 5 days before the course starts and rebook participants to other courses upon consultation. If a planned course cannot be held by the course organizer due to force majeure, we will inform you as soon as possible, by phone, email, or SMS.


Swiss law of obligations applies. The jurisdiction is Basel BS.



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