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In the practical driving lessons for Cat. B you will be specifically and safely prepared for the driving test. Whether you want to learn with manual or automatic transmission, we provide you with both. The meeting point for the driving lesson is at our driving school in Basel.

Lesson costs 50 minutes each:

  • CHF 76.- in a big package

big package car

  • CHF 84.- in a small package


  • CHF 84.- in a bronze package

Bronze-Päckli-Auto Englisch

  • CHF 93.- unit price
  • The workbook is included in all offers!

Insurance fee:

CHF 90.- one-off contribution to the driving school insurance


Select and register a driving instructor

Prerequisites Driving lessons

Training and training booklet



Once you have obtained your learner's licence, you are entitled to drive a vehicle with an accompanying person (23 years old and outside the probationary period).

Select and register a driving instructor

Training and training booklet



Lesson duration and times:

  • 50 Min. / 75 Min. / 100 Min.

The journey to and from a suitable training location often takes between 10 and 15 minutes, leaving little time for learning and consolidation in a single lesson (50 minutes). This is why we usually teach for 75 minutes.
Lesson days and times are always arranged in consultation with the driving instructor.

Meeting point:

Come to the test area: Gundeli railway station or to our theory centre. This avoids unnecessary driving lessons and saves you time and money.


  • Manual(VW Golf / VW Touran / AUDI Q3
  • Automatic (VW Golf)

Training content:

  • Pre-training
  • Traffic vision
  • Basic training
  • Manoeuvres
  • Main training
  • Perfection training

Training booklet

From the first lesson, you will receive a training/workbook from us. It will help you to prepare efficiently for your driving test.

Select and register a driving instructor



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