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With your own car

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The 2Phase Course (WAB) is a 1-day course with mandatory content and takes place at a facility separate from the traffic. The course consists of two parts and is dedicated to road safety and energy-efficient and economical driving.

Course costs:

  • CHF 369.- Weekly course
  • CHF 349.- Weekly course with Easy-Drive loyalty voucher
  • CHF 389.- Weekend course
  • CHF 369.- Weekend course with Easy-Drive loyalty voucher

Couse dates and registration

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The 2-phase course must be attended within the first 12 months after passing the driving test. A valid driving licence or a valid driving permit is a prerequisite for attending the 2-phase course. You will need your own vehicle for this course. (Manual or automatic transmission does not matter). It's possbile for two participants to complete the 2-phase course in one vehicle. If you do not have your own vehicle, we recommend renting one for the 2-phase course.

Zweiphasenkurs mit dem Easy-Drive Auto

Couse dates and registration

WAB Course description

WAB Treffpunkt


Course description:

Course duration:

7 hours

Course times:

Full day (please refer to the course dates for the exact course times)

Course content:

  • Emergency braking
  • Distance exercises
  • Cornering
  • Manoeuvrability in tricky situations
  • Anticipatory and environmentally conscious driving

Course procedure:

  • Arrival of the course participants
  • Course introduction
  • Break
  • Stopping distance / braking distance / residual speed
  • Brakes on sliding lining
  • Brakes with ABS
  • Cornering
  • Driving at a distance
  • Lunch break
  • Environmentally conscious and energy-saving driving
  • Closing balance


In the immediate vicinity, you have the option of consuming lunch including drinks for CHF 10.-. Of course you can also bring your own lunch from home.
Current menu: Spaghetti Napoli (tomato sauce) with green salad, drinks incl.

Meeting Point:

Treffpunkt WAB-Kurs - Industrie Birsmill

Meeting Point:

  • From Basel, take the motorway (J18) in the direction of Delémont as far as Laufen.
  • In Laufen you will enter two roundabouts, head towards Delémont.
  • After approx. 1km you will come to a junction (Kleinlützel / Garage Kaiser Daihatsu), drive straight on.
  • After approx. 30m you have to turn left in the direction of Industrie Birsmill.
  • You will be met by the Easy-Drive instructor on the premises.
  • Afterwards we will drive together to the course site in Delémont (Develier).

Navigation address: Delsbergerstrasse 181, 4242 Laufen


Couse dates and registration



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