First aid


In this 10-hour course, you will learn the right behaviour in a traffic accident and the necessary rescue measures.


Take a first aid course (1st step). The certificate (first aid course) is valid for six years. You can participate in the course from the age of 14.

After you have completed the first aid course, you fill out the application form for the student driver's licence.

Course content:

  • securing the emergency and accident site
  • first aid alerting / emergency numbers
  • rescue of persons
  • patient assessment
  • recovery position
  • chest compressions (CPR)
  • demonstration of the defibrillator
  • wounds and burns
  • case studies

Persons who are exempt from the first aid course:

  • Holder of a category A, A1 and B driving licence
  • Doctors, dentists and veterinarians
  • Human Medicine students after a successful third year of study
  • Pharmacists
  • Specialized health personnel with diploma, certificate of competence or federal certificate
  • First aid course instructors
  • Other persons who can provide proof of recognised training in first aid measures

Duration of the course:

  • 10 hours

Every week:

  • Weekend courses

The course times:

  • Weekend courses: Saturday 1pm - 6pm; Sunday 10am - 4pm

Other additional courses take place in other days as well as other course hours (course dates)

Course prices 

  • CHF 84.- Weekend courses
  • CHF 35.- First aid course certificate (mandatory for driving licence)

- Including learning materials and subscription to computer theory.

Special offer:

The first aid course is integrated into the gold package. You save CHF 222.-


Choose a course date, then complete the registration form.